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State Of The Game #2

Postby Triadian » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:53 pm

So November was a busy month for us a factions and me specifically the begining of the month i started preparing the website for its christmas makeover which is live now so you should be able to see it in action.

then all of us did some last minute fixing and additions for all the things in the november promo video including somethings that didn't actually make it into the video as we felt they weren't quite ready but no doubt they will appear in future videos,

finally this last week has been about producing and editing the promo video which you can see in the videos section of the website.

So what exactly is the state of the game at the moment ? well as you can tell from the promo video we have finalised most aspects of the scavenging system and how it gets items from the world into the players hands, this one of the most important aspects of the game as without a few basic resources you can craft the tools needed to make the really good stuff. we also implemented the building and destruction of a few buildings although only one is in the video, also in the video is the looting system which in the video is based on the destroyed leanto it has been designed based of off animal looting, player looting and of course destroyed object looting.
things not in the video but that worked on this month are the crafting interface and how that all works to combine resources and create newer items out them.

all in all a busy week and no doubt things will only get more busy as we progress towards the new year and start to make the world able to be inhabited by our alpha testers...

good luck in the end of year $10 gift card draw and see ya in the new year.
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